Thai Language

Thai, also called Central Thai or Siamese, is the standard language of Thailand.It belongs to the Tai subgroup of the Kra–Dai language family. It is pretty similar to Lao, the primary language of Laos and Isan (Northeastern Thai).Thai has four broad regional dialects, including several subdialects of its own. North, south, northeast, and central dialects are the most common groups.

Benefits of learning Thai:

  • Connect over 60 million speakers: Nearly 70 million people speak Thai as a native or second language, and it is the only official language of Thailand. The majority population, roughly 88% of the country, speaks this language.
  • A less taught language can make you unique
  • Make your traveling more enjoyable
  • Understand Thai people & the culture

Where is it spoken: Thai is the official language in Thailand and is spoken in 2 more countries as mother tongue by a part of the population.