This is the aim of Lingo, despite of her normal operations, to fulfill her national duties through Corporate Social Responsibility. The Management of Lingo has divided this aspect in to three segments:

  1. 1. Provision of opportunities to the deprived/vulnerable intended students.
  2. 2. To cover the environment issues.
  3. 3. To promote the Government policies on national issues.

Provision of opportunities to the deprived / vulnerable intended students

Lingo is equally providing the educational language learning facilities to those intended students who are in deprived economic situation so that they may contribute in the mainstream economic activities. Not only providing the opportunities yet providing the career counseling to those students who are not well aware about their future. Different national and international Institutions are in the linkage of Lingo where they may be offered very handsome job opportunity. Career counseling and provision of job opportunity are being provided free of cost and the any international languages are being offered on very nominal/affordable subsidized rates.

To cover the environment issues

Pakistan is on 7th position in the world where environment is damaged badly. The most vulnerable country. Keeping view the burning issue, the Management of Lingo has deep concern on it. Therefore, the lingo is progressing towards paperless environment. Moreover, different plans have been developed which will be implemented as per schedule i.e. plantation campaign, go green activities etc.

To Promote the Government Policies on National Issues

It is the moto of Lingo School of Languages to abide by the national policies on national issues. Different awareness campaigns have been launched with the campuses of Lingo. Presently, Kashmir issue is being raised according to the policy of Government of Pakistan.